Conference on Climate Change- 22nd and 23rd Jan, 2016

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Plan@Earth is hosting a Conference on Climate Change! Called C3, it will be a curtain riser for a series of campaigns coming up this year as a step towards mitigation of climate change. In this conference, we get the chance to listen to experts talking about Climate Change.

It’s a tiny wake up call for Kochi. The fact is that we at Kochi have never been hot by any kind of disaster and that’s why we have come to take everything for granted. Well, 2015 was hot but reports and predictions say that 2016 is going to be hotter. Oh your ACs huh? You have to come out at some point of time, then, do you expect to protect yourself with sunscreen with SPF 100? There is no such thing, so come on, take a day off, come and listen to what you can do to help save the world.

Our planet has a fever and it’s up to us to do something…NOW! Because LATER might just be TOO LATE.

C3- Conference on Climate Change

C3- Conference on Climate Change

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