Cleaning Up After Sivarathri

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Every year Sivarathri is a BIG thing for Aluva. Thousands gather on the famous sandbanks (manapuram) of Aluva to offer bali in honor of their ancestors. That part is great. But the next day when everyone leaves, what is left is acres of sandbank strewn with plastic and paper garbage. The municipality tries to do its bit, but as an eye witness, you can see for yourself that the volume and expanse of the garbage is much more than what the municipal cleaners can do. Besides what does the municipality do, it clears and burns up all this including paper and plastic. Surely Lord Siva deserves much more than the smoke coming out from heaps of plastic garbage. This year Team Plan@Earth together with a bevy of wonderful students from St Xaviers College for Women Aluva organised a clean up and aided the municipality in removing and recycling over 40 kilos of recyclables. IMG-20170227-WA0020

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