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Disposable Dangers

It’s a fact that our compass of daily routines always points towards convenience. And whether we like it or not “disposables” have become almost synonymous with convenience. From plastic carry bags to single use drinking straws, disposable cutlery to diapers, life has become so easy thanks to these disposables. Or has it really? Maybe for today we can get things going easy. But what about tomorrow, or say a few years from now? The rate at which we use these disposables is over whelming and soon before one can say Jack Robinson the world around us soil, land, river and ocean would be choked with plastic disposables. You take a dip in a river and come out with used straws of all colours sticking out from your hair! You are walking along the street and a gust of wind brings layer after layer of plastic packaging smack into your face! You look for a patch of grass to spread your picnic blanket and find the lawn completely strewn with disposable forks, knives and spoons! And you wonder where the convenience is now? So the point remains that today’s convenience is indeed going to become tomorrow’s menace. So simple mantra :
“think before your throw and with disposables simply say No”

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