Do Double Good while shopping

Most of us know that while shopping one of the most sensible things to do is to take along our own shopping bag. Well we at Plan@Earth certainly follow this practice, but it also set us thinking. What if…just what if…this shopping bag we carry is in turn made from things that have served their purpose and are otherwise destined for discarding. That’s when we came up with this idea of a shopping basket made from discarded TetraPaks.

On one hand we do have a problem recycling tetrapaks. On the other hand we needed something strong and durable to withstand the pull and pressure that a shopping basket goes through.

Voila !sjp0002_P@E.ProdShoot-v1-4

We are now able to upcycle tetrapaks into these attractive shopping baskets and boy are they durable. That is in fact the very essence of a tetrapak container…it is so strong!

Yes and don’t worry, these packs have been thoroughly washed and disinfected before being reused!

Soon when they hit the market, shoppers who carry them along will be able to do double good- cut down on plastic and extend the life of a discarded article.

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