If you’d like to donate anything, you can contact us from here. Or write us an email to: info@planatearth.org

Please do distinguish between donate and dump! Donate means to hand over something that is in fairly good condition so that a person of lesser means can use it for the same thing as you did. For example clothes to be worn and toys to be played with. So what can you donate…?


You can donate your old clothes that are in good condition free from dust and dirt, yeah you’ve got to wash them. Sometimes the clothes we get under the banner of “donation” are not even clothes but mere rags and can’t even be used as wash clothes. Again don’t even bother donating old inner wears, we do not promote fetishes of anykind…please do remember that not even the poor and needy would go to the level of wearing somebody else’s underwear!


Once your kids out grow these playthings, rather than send them to land fills why not give them to us so that we can give them to other kids and bring those tears of joy. Please note that it’s tears of joy so please do not donate something that is broken beyond repair and has all sharp edges pointing out, that would bring tears of pain! You could dump those under our recycling program or e-waste program. Again note that a stuffed toy with all its stuffing spilling out like intestines does not qualify as a “donatable toy.”


Yeah who doesn’t need cash and with the services that we are doing to save the planet from the tons of carbon dioxide that is weighing all of us down (cough cough) we could certainly do with all the money pouring in…if not pouring…at least a trickle or a drop! The rule of old, torn and tattered does not apply here, we accept all kinds of cash donations in coins, currencies and cheques…with or without the accompanying smiles! :)