Suchitwa Sevanam
We associate with Municipalities, Panchayaths and Resident Associations in collecting dry waste from house to house on a monthly basis. Is the service free? Trust us on this, the only thing you get free in today’s world is viruses for your computer! Of course not we charge houses at a minimal fee of Rs 1 per day…yeah do the math and you get the figure of Rs 30 which is our monthly fee. Oh common nobody is going to get rich on that! Your next argument is going to be that by “selling” these recyclables we are making a profit, well if you feel it is that profitable a business, what are you waiting for, grab a push cart and join us…let’s reap in the millions!

Wealth Out of Waste (WOW)
Schools, Colleges, Institutions and Companies avail of our services in collection and recycling of dry waste namely paper and plastic…most of them don’t know what to do with it otherwise, and would rather use it to light a fire. So we convince them to give it to us, or rather we buy it from them at a price which is more like an incentive to keep the operation going. But honestly the way some institutions haggle over prices you would think that the main business of the organisation is selling scrap! It really is interesting to witness the principal of a school or manager of a company begging for one rupee more for old newspapers…but then we have guessed that she gets her salary from this, but we don’t give in, we NEVER give that extra rupee, because neither are we scrap dealers nor is waste disposal a business deal.
Finally most of them give it to us. In return we keep track of their carbon footprints and give them a green certificate the end of the year saying that by recycling so many tons of paper they have saved so many trees and so many kilos of CO2. Who are we to do that? If not us show us somebody else who does!

Waste Audits
We conduct Waste Audits for institutions! It could be interesting for you to find out how much food is being wasted per month in your organisation, as is paper and other resources like power and water. Maybe we can’t do it all but at least we can quantify the good food that goes into the bins. It could be an eye opener for your policy makers!

Composting on site and otherwise is how we help institutions and local governments convert their food waste into compost manure…who wants a stinking pile of food waste lying around anyway…let us take care of it for you…psst we have friends in the gang…they are creepy crawlies called earthworms! Yes we use friendly bacteria and earthworms to convert smelly food waste into warm brown earthy compost!

A program to collect old clothes and donate them to the deserving…we decide who deserves and who doesn’t, most of it goes across the border to really needy people. We tried Kerala but we have less number of needy in Kerala and even is there are they are oh-so-picky!

E-Waste Collection  
Planatearth ties up with local self governments to provide a single point handover service for householders to hand over their fused tubes, bulbs and other ewaste. For companies and organisations we can pick it up along with your waste paper…please don’t start asking for money for that too!