We have units that do different services to save the planet.

Collection Units at Paravoor
We have a door to door collection service in the Municipality of Paravur which consists of push carts and women to man them. (why do have to say “to man them” why can’t it be “women to woman them”?)

Sorting Hub at Aluva
We have a sorting hub at Aluva where a self help group of rural women get together and sort and grade paper and plastic into different categories.

Sorting Hub at Kunnukara
Again we have another self help group that works at Kunnukara in the sorting and grading of domestic plastic waste.

Bag Making Unit
The flag ship product of Plan@Earth the bag called the B-Yag made from plastic waste, is made by another self help group based in Kunnukara…no we do not give training programs for this!

Washing Unit
No, this is not a laundry unit, but it is where we wash plastic that comes in with all kinds of food stuffs smeared all over it. Somebody has to do the job so we got a group of women together to wash away all the grime.

This is an e-waste storage unit where we are supposed to store all the e-waste that we collect. As of now it is merely a spooky old house where only ghosts float around because till date every company has been haggling about prices before they part with e-waste. So that is why we are going domestic. Households would sooner part with it than fight over prices.

Clothes Sorting Unit
The old clothes that come in need to be sorted and decided which should be sorted and which should be cut and made into upcycled bags. So we have a sorting unit where anybody with time can come and volunteer to sort old clothes for the needy. This is near U C College Aluva.

Bag Making Unit- Upcycling all the way
Clothes that are damaged beyond repair eventually have to be put to some use so that is why we have a bag making unit near Aluva

Apart from this we have units that manage municipal solid waste in the Panchayath of Kodakara and Muncipality of Aluva and these are the CSR initiative s of Apollo Tyres Foundation.