Plan A : If you reside in Ernakulam District

Yes we would love to offer you our recycling services but no we simply cannot operate with an individual household. So if you are a resident of Ernakulam, the best thing you can do is ORGANISE at least 100 neighbouring households who are interested in getting waste managed and then get in touch with us. Remember, there is a user fee of Rs 100 per household per month, plus a transportation fee of Rs 8 per kilometre if you are located more than 25 kilometers from Aluva. If you can take things a couple of notches higher and talk and convince your local self government representatives, nothing better. Then we can launch a full scale operation in your town/village.

Plan B : If you reside outside Ernakulam District
While we would love to extend our recycling services to anyone interested, we would like to make it clear that it is not easy for us to launch a full scale operation especially if you are located outside Ernakulam District of the state of Kerala. But of course we are open to possibilities. Hence drop us a mail and let us see how we can take things forward.

Yes being a Voluntary Organisation we always welcome volunteers. So if you would like to do your bit towards Mother Nature by working with us, feel free to drop a mail and wait for our response. A word of caution: we work in the “no frills” field of waste management, so get ready to rough it out if you would like to be a volunteer. And please do not come to offer us advice, we gleefully feed loads of advice into the paper shredder every day!
If your objective is to learn something and take back some good experience of an off-beat program, drop us a mail, but hey please realise that an Intern is an Intern and not the boss. So watch out, you may even be asked to sweep the floor!
Honestly, you do not have to be physically present with us to become partner to what we do. In the waste management pyramid, Recycling is at the very bottom, hence it might be a good idea to adopt some of the following strategies before you start worrying about Recycling

  • Refuse : all single use disposables like straws, disposable plates, cups and cutlery, single use pens, single use razors, plastic carry bags. Refuse cosmetic products that contain micro beads as well.
  • Reduce : wastage of water, power and fuel. Reduce wastage of paper. Use both sides of every sheet of paper. Carry your own cotton carry bag, your own steel flask too, in this way you would need lesser number of plastic carry bags and plastic bottles
  • Repair : Shoes, umbrellas, crockery even your old mixie. If you repair and continue to use these things, you are in fact extending the life span and decreasing your carbon foot print
  • Recycle : Every shred of paper. It’s really quite easy to find a scrap dealer in your locality who would be willing to take every bit of waste paper that you can collect and offer him. These scrap shops would also be only too happy to take tin cans, aluminium cans, plastic bottles, plastic containers as well. Forget about the bargain, why do you want money for what is discarded.