Sooraj Abraham

Founder/Head of Research and Planning
A person who sees what others choose to ignore!His forte is to reach out to the masses about environment conservation and resource management.A thinker ,a dreamer..he is the motivation and drive behind Plan@earth.Sooraj has a Masters in Human Resource Management and he lives in India pursuing his dream of making the world a greener place.

Mujeeb Muhammed

Founder/Head of Implementation
For Mujeeb there is only one way to do something and that is the right way!Hence his concern is about the base of the pyramid as they bear the burden of the city’s garbage..He is an expert in tackling and solving the implementation problems and uses patience as his weapon to convince authorities and bureaucrats to get things moving. Mujeeb is the force that keeps the team of Plan@earth together. Mujeeb has a Masters in Computer applications and lives in India with his wife and two kids.

Founder/Head of Implementation

Rasheed Asharf

Founder/Heads Operation and Co-ordination
A doer with a will to drive a 100 man army..provided the army is a green army!He believes that if we don’t do it no one else will do it either.He is a man management miracle and has a flair in handling people and hence he is the man to go to when you need to get things done. Rasheed has a Masters in Business Adminsitration and is living in India with his wife and two kids.

Founder/Head of Implementation

Gomathy Ramaswamy

Founder/Advisor Research and Strategy
An Entrepreneur and a sociopreneur ,who firmly believes that living sustainably isn’t a Hippie thing its a Survival thing.Gomathy contributes the vital element of enthusiasm and motivation to the team.Her line of business being international fashion,she champions the cause of upcycling. She swears by the reuse strategy that does not compromise on quality ,be it service or product.Gomathy is married, has three children and is presently living in UAE.