Plan@Earth works day in and out urging people to reduce, reuse and recycle. But what do you do with something that cannot be recycled? The answer is upcycle! And that is exactly what we at Plan@Earth did. We put our brains together – brainstormed, brain cycloned and brain tsunamied! And thence was born the BYAG.

This bag is unique in that it is made from what is probably the biggest plastic pollutant among domestic garbage – the covers and packets in which most of our groceries and confectionery comes in. Sorted, graded, washed, disinfected and dried – these packets are then cut, shaped, folded and woven into beautiful pieces of handicraft which we decided to call the BYAG in honour of the gentle rural women who patiently sit, weave and make these beautiful bags.

When you buy these bags, you are not only becoming part of perhaps the biggest upcycling initiative in the state, you help by extending the life of these packets which have served their purpose and would otherwise end up in a landfill or get burnt to form polluting carbon dioxide.

Thus, these BYAGS are reducing the carbon footprint and helping in the attempt to reduce green house gases and mitigate climate change


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