The trash that we collect includes Paper, Plastic, Glass and Metal, hence the most sensible solution to “managing” these components of trash is to get them recycled.
The collected trash is brought back to the Sorting Hub where specially trained staff grade them into an astounding 62 categories!!! Is there an exaggeration here ? See for yourself. With paper waste itself you can identify some grades (even if you don’t have a PhD in waste segregation) Old Newspapers, used carton boxes, white paper, old notebooks, old magazines, other “mixed” categories. There you already have 6 categories. With plastic this list shoots sky high! Why bother? FYI that’s the most sensible way of ensuring maximum recyclability (hope there is a word like that). In this business every dime counts and only through thorough segregation can we ensure that sale of such recyclables fetches the best possible price and keeps the operation running. And you thought the monthly user fee of Rs 50 per household was enough the run the show. LOL.

BTW, there is a term for this process…it’s called forward linking. And that’s what we do best. Our recyclers are located in different parts of India and honestly the logistics of recycling is backbreaking work.