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To Waste Less, Use Less

No, we are not literally or metaphorically advocating minimalism. What we are trying to say is that by using less, we are in fact going to end up wasting less! Savvy? Think about the simple act of brushing. If you “paint” the entire brush head of your toothbrush with paste, it froths more and more froth does not really imply cleaner teeth nor fresher breath, it simply means more paste wasted and a tinglier palate implying a loss of sensation as well! Here the point is that do actually do the job, you just need a tiny gob of toothpaste. Hence less use means less waste, and hey, your tube of toothpaste lasts longer! The same principle can be applied to any of the consumables and utilities in life ranging from fuel/gas to electric power, to food and even water.
And you do not have to be a placard wielding environmentalist to do your bit. It’s more about common sense than any “ism”. Practice and train your kids to be careful with the use of resources like flowing tap water, energy, food and anything and everything. It might help to keep in mind the fact that for every mindless wastage of an item “x” there are entire communities in some other part of the world who are desperate for that item “x”. Then comes the logical question, “how is it that if I eat all my veggies and do not waste them, some poor kid in some godforsaken part of the world is going to be better off?” Hmm…I don’t think that the equation works like that! I think it’s a lot more complex. In any case this post is not an appeal to the spirit of compassion and concern for our suffering brethren. This post is an appeal to everyone to realise how valuable our everyday resources are! Things that we take oh-so-much for granted can be gone in a day. The way our world has become so susceptible to climate change in a single season, the world as we know it can change and everything can go haywire. Look at what is happening in CapeTown, S. Africa. While Climate Change can be identified as the root cause, somewhere we are left to wonder if rampant use with no thought for tomorrow is also a contributing factor. And this reads out a message to the rest of the world as well…a message loud and clear that is virtually blaring, but still most of humanity remains deaf!
We continue to use, misuse, abuse resources, with rampant almost criminal wastage. Maybe it’s time to start considering minimalism when we still have the choice rather than when we are left without a choice! Amen

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