Waste Management

Mostly Dry Waste like Paper, Plastic, Glass and Metal. Yes, you are right! These are the Recyclables!

Sometimes we also collect used (but still usable) clothing and toys as well! As much as we understand your sentiments we simply cannot take your grandma’s old mattress or the mouse you killed (by accident) yesterday.

We offer our services to Households (Please Click Here to See if our Services are in your Locality ) as well as Corporate Houses, Shops and Commercial Establishments.
Psst! Simple Tip: As of now we operate in a few towns in central Kerala, South of India.
For households we offer door to door collection services, yes the old push cart style is what we do. If you have a problem with that why not buy us some automated garbage pick up trucks? That way you can gain a few Brownie Points in Heaven.

trash colelction 2

For Corporate Houses and Industries we send over our pick up trucks. Yes we have trucks but hey! They simply cannot ply along the narrow lanes and by-lanes in villages and towns! Yes we have tried!

For Households it is once a month! Did you just faint? Oh well! That’s the way we operate. You don’t approve? Yeah sure you can find plenty of other service providers in this part of the world who would be happy to remove your trash 4 times a day! The whole point is not to help you get rid of your trash. The point is to get you to REDUCE your generation of trash. Follow?
Of course we charge! Hello…we are not a flock of angels who reach out for your trash bag with one hand while delicately balancing that harp with the other one. This is a service and we charge a service fee of Rs 100 per month from households. To get some perspective, that’s less than a dollar fyi!
It gets recycled. Well most of it does. If you want to know more, go back to the Home Page and click on the Recycle and Upcycle thingys.