When you say “I don’t care”

Yes we all say it and many a time we mean it too. This is particularly true when someone tries to draw a correlation between our lifestyle and damage caused to the environment. But then, the question is, if we don’t care… who else will?

If we are waiting for green Martians with eyes at the end of antlers to come and clear up the mess that we have made our environment…the news is that they are not coming. Again if we live with the expectation that all the “green” scientists and environmentalists are working their butts off trying to conjure up that magic wand, at the swish of which the mess melts into nothingness…that happens only in Harry Potter books.

The writing is there on the wall for every one to read. But then…it’s not that we can not read. The case rather is that we choose not to read. And even if we do, when we realize that the problem is in fact linked to our present lifestyle where convenience rules the day, we chant that insipid phrase, “I don’t care”.

So now, the point is, how long can we not care? When the air becomes so bad that our kids cough up blood each time they breathe, when the oceans are so contaminated that fishes become fabled beings like the unicorn, when every second person is down with cancer, when food is reduced to tiny colored pills that taste like dust, then will we care?

It’s not that we have to become an “-ist” supporting some kind of “-ism”, it’s just that we have to live sensibly, making the right choices. And how inconvenient is that?

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