World Environment Day

June is a big time for us. The reason of course being that the World Environment Day comes in June. All of a sudden we find ourselves very much in demand. Corporate houses, schools, colleges, even local communities contact us and want to know if they can in any way associate with us in “some activity” connected to the environment. I like the way the say “some activity”. It is indeed heartening to know that so many people want to do something for the environment at least on this special day. And what is even more encouraging is that people have started to sense that we are indeed working for the environment. This year it is even bigger you know, with the theme of this year’s World Environment Day being “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Overnight our work gets a lot of recognition and the number of invitations we have received for June 5th makes us feel like it’s our birthday? (LOL) We cannot deny that we are relieved that plastic pollution has been blatantly stated as a clear and present danger, something that we have been harping about for almost a decade now. While every effort to curb this menace is truly commendable, our prayer is that all this does not fade into oblivion once June 5th comes and goes. Given the tons of plastic that is choking our oceans and contaminating our soil, everyday must be World Environment Day and to have a solution to this problem, every one of us on planet Earth must continue doing our bit to “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

Awareness class at SNDP HSS udhayamperur in association with Indian Oil corporation Ltd

Workshop at Marthoma public school kakkanad on world environment day

Awareness class at jyothi nivas public school

Conducted Seminar and exhibition at Apollo Tyres, Kodakara

Conducted workshop at Asmabi college kondugalloor

Launch of plastic removal project at kanjoor panchayat

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