Granted that the term is not very popular, but it is catching on. What is it? Well upcycling is simply another way of making sure that a discarded item is put to further often better use. It often involves creativity and demands artistic skill so that the final product is much better than another DIY result. It should have utility as well as an aesthetic appeal and the best part is that by Upcycling we are in fact extending the life span of a discarded item thereby keeping it from ending up in landfills at least for a couple of decades.


This is a Tibetan-Sanskrit term that expresses the realisation of how wonderful life is and everything in it. It is a moment of marvellous realisation that something, maybe life itself, is so beautiful. It is this same feeling that we wish to capture when you look upon our upcycled products which in fact are made almost completely from discarded stuff.

The Philosophy Behind

Single use products are without doubt a bane to the environment. While we can hope for a gradual phasing out of these products, it is imperative that such discards get their life prolonged beyond the use they were originally made for. For PlanATearth, such extension of life span is a solution that keeps many an item from the incinerator or the landfill and there by trapping the carbon in it for years. Hence the practice of upcycling.
By buying and using these products, you are in fact reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit to save the planet. But at the same time we have taken care to make sure that our upcycled products have not just utility but will make eyes pop and jaws drop while the expression “Emaho” is sounded. A thing of beauty is after all, a joy forever.
Scroll down and do give a thumbs up for our products even if you don’t buy them. Rest assured that every dime, Dollar and Dirham that you spend on these products goes straight to the underprivileged women who make them.

Some Product Photos